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Re: [APD] excess sodium (was Re: Aquatic-Plants Digest, Vol 29, Issue 7)

Wright Huntley wrote:
> Truly a bad idea. It is deficient in all the essential electrolytes 
> needed to sustain normal life, plant or animal. Get a taste and odor 
> (carbon) filter if you don't like the taste. [The tap water still has a 
> very unhealthy amount of sodium for most folks, tho.]

Isn't the main function of water to serve as the "universal solvent"? In 
other words, its purpose is to hold things like vitamins, minerals, and 
other things in solution. The kidneys use water to dissolve and carry 
away waste. Deionized water will be superb for functioning either way.

I have seen the argument made that deionized water will "suck" minerals 
out of your body, but I have never seen any clinical trials 
demonstrating this effect.

Jerry Baker
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