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Good taste has more variety than the big house has screws -- I can't remember if that line is from a prison movie or an episode of "This Old House" but it's as true today as it was yesterday and possbily even two days ago.
A few years ago, my daughters both thought that a burping treasure chest was one of the most critical purchases when we set up a 30 gallon tank -- more important  than the fish and plants that served as background for this eye-catching example of air-powered robotics. Suffice it to say that neither of my daughters were then or since taken with the aquatic "bug."
The girls are older now and, for all I know, if asked, would state a preference sunken air-animated cell phones. I wouldn't dream of asking them.
Btw, if you chill the crayons, you can then shave them down to very sharp points. 
PS: for sale, one slightly used plastic treasure chest, works with ordinary aquarium air pump, more colorful than a sailor's language.
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But Scott, that big air stone diffuser in the back looks so good and goes well with my Bubble Opening Clam!!!...

Jim, (Note, this message was written in crayon because they won't let me have sharp objects in here.)
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