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Re: [APD] Low O2

Thanks for the comprehensive answer !

1.  I add CO2 but the reactor stops during the night
2.  My wife likes the bubbles and I don't really care
3.  I once thought (eronously) that GBA was helped by spraying to near of the surface;
        Now, that the extra bubbling seems to help with GBA too, I will wait further
        before changing the spraying bar

Thanks again !

Philippe (who can stop the bubbles when making pictures)

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> You don't need to raise a so-called spray bar so that it literally sprays water. The 
> rule of thumb is to avoid turbulence but don't avoid flow. Setting  the bar so the 
> output is just below the surface should be adequate for most situations. If you're not 
> adding CO2, the surface turbulence is not a factor, so in that case, you can go ahead 
> and spray all you want, although it usually isn't necessary. In fact, a small water 
> pump and a spray bar can create tremdously more turbulence than an air pump and 
> bubbler-- if turbulence is what you are after.
> Bubbling isn't inherently a worse form of turbulence, just a generally unnecessary 
> form and not a very effecient way to move water around.
> Bubbles have long been associated with the visual experience of a aquaria -- not 
> because one finds commonly find sendless streams of bubbles wherever one finds fish 
> and aquatic plants, but because air pumps and bubblers have been sold to aquarists for 
> so many years, whether they have any practical use for them or not.
> Some find the appearance of bubble streams as unnatural and hokey as burping clams and 
> treasure chests. Those folks should and certainly can avoid air pumps without harm. 
> Some folks find bubble streams attractive and even effective "alpha wave" generators. 
> The hobby should be fun; tailor your involvement to suit. If like bubbles, then blow 
> ;-)
> sh

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