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Re: [APD] Fish Kill

>barbs, rasbora, angels. Tank is heavily planted with Amazon swords, large
>leaf hydro, crypts, and I use some hornwort to control algae, as it seems to
>suck up the extra nutrients. Plants are very healthy, fish have had no
>problems. I use the PMDD every other day. This morning tank had 3 dead tiger
>barbs and the rest of fish were at the top gasping. Why all of a sudden the
>lack of oxygen?
>Joe Wunsch


         The demand for O2 must have gone up. Organic detritus takes up O2
especially if you had some algae which died off..

         Reducing the fish load is one option.

         I use a timer to switch on an aerator 3-4 hours after sunset and again
some hours later. You loose some Co2 and your baseline pH will go up and you
may need to adjust accordingly. You can use a simple airstone and adjust its
submersion depth for Co2 loss. The fish should have at least 3-4 mg/L of
dissolved O2.

         When fish are desperately gasping DO is 1-2 mg/L, below that they
are so stressed that opportunist diseases like Ich show up.


Raj, vu2zap
Bangalore, South India.

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