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Re: [APD] Aquatic-Plants Digest, Vol 29, Issue 7

"1) Tap water kills YES KILLS!!!!!!!!!  terrestrial plants.  I 
have killed ferns, houseplants, succulents/cacti/aloe, before I 
started buying RO water to use for them.  Now my houseplants 
thrive on RO water."
  Did you add dechlorinator to them water before?
  All the tap has is high KH and sodium.
  the sodium is the only thing that is troubling really.
  "  3)  My water tastes and smells like it would kill a human!!!  
  So drink the RO water.
  "1) Can someone explain to me whether this is OK for planted 
  Depends on the plants you want to keep, many do well up to about 5 ppt salinity.
  "  My local petshop "wisewoman" says no, and tries to sell me 
more RO water for 35 cents/gallon.
  2) Do I need to buy my own RO filter?"
  You can, I would do that before buying water from her.
 " 3) What type of RO filter do I need?"
  See ebay for pricing and models, most tfc's and DI's will work.
  You can get a 24 GPD to 100 GPD model there.
"  4) Can I pass my tap water over something else, like crushed 
coral calcium or something, to get my water OK for aquarium 
plants without buying an RO filter?"
  Well, anything that will selectivity remove sodium will work , then you can avoid RO.
  DI likely will work. 
  "  5) Does anyone have a recommendation for a portable, 
easy-to-install RO filter for a student-on-the-move housed in a rental 
property?  I can't go putting holes in the pipe (at least until I 
have my rental deposit back!!!  ROFL)"
  Most simply connect to the shower head, kitchen sink, or garden hose etc.
  Tom Barr

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