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Re: [APD] Fish Kill

Stuart Halliday wrote:
I believe Joe Wunsch wrote this email section below:
This morning tank had 3 dead tiger
barbs and the rest of fish were at the top gasping. Why all of a sudden the
lack of oxygen?  Did a 20% water change right away to get oxygen level back
up everything seems fine. Are the plants using up that much oxygen at night?
Or did the fish load catch up to me? Any suggestions as to why this

So you've had it with 40 fish for 6 months? During that time the fish have grown.

With that many fish, is there amble water surface movement clear of plants
to aid oxygen diffusion?

I have a 55 gallon planted tank with lots of fish and found that if I didn't
have a extra power head to move the surface around, the fish start to strain
for O2. I also have the return pipe flowing into the tank above the water

Maybe every night for the past few weeks after a few hours with the lights
off they've been slowly suffocating?

When was the last time you saw them with the lights being off for 3 hours?

Maybe worth your while to get up at 4am tonight and do a O2 test check? :-)

Stuart Halliday

Same phenomenon here : too many plants depletes O2 during the night. I had to increase air bubbling...


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