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Re: [APD] Fish Kill

I would try to round up the usual suspects, and question in this order:
Let's assume age had nothing to do with it, since all fish were affected.
Does this happen each morning or only once?
Is there anything in the water that isn't normally there? Has the tap water changed? The water supplier can tell you if the water has changed and send yuou a water quality report. 
Have you, the kids, or the neighbors started adding anything diff?
Check that the CO2 rate is not too high -- excess CO2 doesn't deplete O2 in the water but it can cause fish to "gasp" because the excess CO2 in their blood triggers that reaction. Changes in CO2 rate could come from a CO2 bottle just being filled, nearing empty, big change in room temp, or unintended adjustment of the needle valve.
Check that nitrites and nitrates haven't suddenly spiked. This can happen from a dead fish rotting in the water; disturbing a pocket of yuck down in  the substrate, an excessively dirty filter (which allows too much to accumulate) or just-changed filter (that might depress the biofiltration too much too quickly.
Good luck, good fun,
Scott H.

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I have a 55 gallon tank with 4 watts per gallon light for 14 hours per day,
running a co2 injection system with ph controller. PH 7.0, KH 7.3 (13) doing
20% water changes each week. Tank temperature is 80 degrees. The city water
has a 3 DH. I have to add Bicarbonate each week to keep the ph above 7.0.
Tank has been set up for 6 months on co2 injection with about 40 fish mostly
barbs, rasbora, angels. Tank is heavily planted with Amazon swords, large
leaf hydro, crypts, and I use some hornwort to control algae, as it seems to
suck up the extra nutrients. Plants are very healthy, fish have had no
problems. I use the PMDD every other day. This morning tank had 3 dead tiger
barbs and the rest of fish were at the top gasping. Why all of a sudden the
lack of oxygen?  Did a 20% water change right away to get oxygen level back
up everything seems fine. Are the plants using up that much oxygen at night?
Or did the fish load catch up to me? Any suggestions as to why this
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