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[APD] Running lights with one bulb unplugged?


I sent this question to AHSupply but their site says they cannot always 
reply, so...
Is anyone out there who has a dual-bulb setup from AHSupply (i.e.: 2x55w 
light setup) ever running the lights with one bulb unplugged?
There are times I would like to use this hood for different tanks or 
temporarily need to lower the light intensity. If I simply unplug one endcap 
from a bulb and run the lights will I burn out my ballast? I do not wish to 
re-wire the kit back and forth if I do not have to. I typically run my 
lights 8-10 hrs per day. I do not have a burned out bulb to use as a 
blank/dummy at this time.

Thanks in advance,


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