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Re: [APD] Brown Deposits on Leaves

Holy Molly ;-)  This is almost exaclty the same setup I have (except I 
see the same problems in a 90g tank).  I get the spot algae and started 
dosing more KH2PO4 per instruction from a local club member near me. 
The spot algae has stopped progression and even receeded a bit on my 
anubias since then, though it still isn't quiet gone.  But I have the 
same translucent problem as you.  My large amazon swords have deepend in 
color a bit since the addition of phosphates but the leaves are still 
coming up bright/translucent green (and eventually darkening a bit 
more).  Laterite and all, the rest is just about the same.  Hope you 
find the answer (cause it would mean I have too!).  ;-)

Anyway, the further instruction he gave me was to dose more iron, 
opposite of what you're saying, unfortunately.  I have been dosing iron 
as a part of PMDD-type solution I mixed up using Greg's dry chems and 
the Sears/Colin stuff (hence the addition of more phosphates later), 
which is apparently not enough.  I hope to order up some additional iron 
and really see things clear up and start growing stronger.


Saugata Banerjee wrote:
> Dear All,
> First of all wishing you a "Very Happy New Year".
> My tank had a major BBA problem but after starting dosing KNO3 & KH2PO4, BBA
> has receded quite a lot although hair algae is still there. A few leaves of
> Java Fern is having some brown deposits which if I rub, it will go to some
> extent. The leaves of Nuphur Japonica is also having some such brown
> deposits.What is this and why is it being caused? Acually this brown
> deposits are something which is spreading and doesn't seem to recede at any
> cost.
> As of now I was putting Trace Elements minus Iron as putting Traces with
> Iron immediately results in green spot algae which I think happens because
> of excess Iron. Moreover, as I have laterite as the bottom most layer of the
> substrate, I guess I can refrain from dosing Iron. However, since yesterday
> I have started adding Trace Elements which has Iron just to see if the same
> problem of "Green Spot Algae" still persists or not. What's your take on
> this?
> Now, my biggest concern is with regard to the brown patches and the hair
> alage.
> Another problem that I am facing is that some of the plant leaves are
> becoming translucent, i.e., they are not deep green in colour. What might be
> the reason & what's the solution to this?
> Pl advise what is to be done?
> Tank Specification:
> 1. Size-20G (Actual water volume-18G)
> 2. Light - 64 watts of CFL @ 12 hrs/day
> 3. pH- 6.5 to 6.9
> 4. CO2- Pressurised @ 2 bubbles/sec diffused through the filter
> 5. Filter - Eheim Professional 2224
> 6. Ferts - Dosing 5 mls of KNO3 (stock sol. of 250 mls with 6 spoons of
> KNO3) & 1 mls of KH2PO4 (stock sol. of 250 mls with 3 spoons of KH2PO4) on
> every alternate days. Initially i was dosing double of this but cut down as
> Chuck's calculator indicated the level was too high.
> 7. KH - 5
> 8. Fauna - 2 medium size orandas
> Regards,
> Saugata
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