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[APD] Brown Deposits on Leaves

Dear All,

First of all wishing you a "Very Happy New Year".

My tank had a major BBA problem but after starting dosing KNO3 & KH2PO4, BBA
has receded quite a lot although hair algae is still there. A few leaves of
Java Fern is having some brown deposits which if I rub, it will go to some
extent. The leaves of Nuphur Japonica is also having some such brown
deposits.What is this and why is it being caused? Acually this brown
deposits are something which is spreading and doesn't seem to recede at any

As of now I was putting Trace Elements minus Iron as putting Traces with
Iron immediately results in green spot algae which I think happens because
of excess Iron. Moreover, as I have laterite as the bottom most layer of the
substrate, I guess I can refrain from dosing Iron. However, since yesterday
I have started adding Trace Elements which has Iron just to see if the same
problem of "Green Spot Algae" still persists or not. What's your take on

Now, my biggest concern is with regard to the brown patches and the hair

Another problem that I am facing is that some of the plant leaves are
becoming translucent, i.e., they are not deep green in colour. What might be
the reason & what's the solution to this?

Pl advise what is to be done?

Tank Specification:

1. Size-20G (Actual water volume-18G)
2. Light - 64 watts of CFL @ 12 hrs/day
3. pH- 6.5 to 6.9
4. CO2- Pressurised @ 2 bubbles/sec diffused through the filter
5. Filter - Eheim Professional 2224
6. Ferts - Dosing 5 mls of KNO3 (stock sol. of 250 mls with 6 spoons of
KNO3) & 1 mls of KH2PO4 (stock sol. of 250 mls with 3 spoons of KH2PO4) on
every alternate days. Initially i was dosing double of this but cut down as
Chuck's calculator indicated the level was too high.
7. KH - 5
8. Fauna - 2 medium size orandas


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