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[APD] My New 90 gallon Setup

My 90 gallon tank has been cycled for about 2 weeks now.  I used Biospira as
I couldn't stand to wait the 6 weeks it would take to cycle.  It is a
partially planted tank with half fluorite, half gravel.  Right now there are
only 7 fish in there which I plan to slowly build up.  The lighting is just
a hair over 2.4 wpg.  I have no plans right now to start messing around with
C02.   I tested the water today and ammonia is 0, nitrites 0, ph 7.4 and
nitrate 0.


The plants seem to be doing well but I am seeing long stringy algae,
especially on the driftwood.  There is the start of brown algae on the back
walls.  Last week I spoke to someone at the LFS and he suggested that I
start fertilizing.  I said not yet but now I'm thinking I should.  


Experts, please advise a beginner on what my next steps should be.  Thank


p.s. I ordered my garden tools from AZ Gardens yesterday.  



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