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Re: [APD] beautiful algae

I believe REDRAGON40 at aol_com wrote this email section below:
> I posted this awhile ago, but even though I read all the issues since then,  
> I didn't see any replies.  I really would like toknow what this algae could  
> be, so I am reposting the original message.  I hope that is ok:
> My daughter and I both have a variety of algae growing on various  hard 
> surfaces in several of our tanks.  It is like black brush algae,  but it tends to 
> sprawl rather then grow straight upright, and is a gorgeous  emerald green, 
> spreading extremely slowly.  It doesn't seem to appear  spontaneously in small 
> tufts, as BBA does, either. There is also two other  types of hair algae that 
> are indeterminate in our tanks which we just  control by removal, but this stuff 
> has a determinate length of about an  inch.  Any idea what kind it is?

I've got this stuff growing on my bog wood.
Lovely it looks.

It's just Beard algae isn't it?

My Siamese Flying foxes (Siamese Algae Eater - Crossocheilus siamensis) like 
it too.

Stuart Halliday
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