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Here's my original message:

I've recently started keeping African cichlids, but can't kick the plant
habit <g>.  I've got a huge Java fern, some Hygro. polysperma, and some
floating plant that just showed up one day (looks like duckweed, but the
size of Salvinia sp.)  It has an internal canister and a HOB with a Peace
Lily growing out of it.

I'm starting to have trouble with BGA, and can't seem to get a handle on it.
The tank (29 gal) gets 50% WC each week (a nice habit from EI dosing), and
has what I would guess is 40W FL lighting (bought a tank kit - I think it
was one of Hagen's Geo Systems.  Hood says Light-Glo on it).
There's also a bunch of algae on the glass that I'm guessing is diatoms, as
it is more a brown color than green.
I know the algae is showing up b/c the nutrients are out of whack; but,
since this isn't a "planted tank" I'm not sure if I should start dosing
ferts.... would I just end up feeding the Peace Lily w/o affecting my algae


Jason M.

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