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Re: [APD] adding whirlpool prefilteration unit to the return

The only question I would have is why?  Why would you want to remove 5 to 2
micron particles from your aquarium?  If the water is visually clear what do
you need to remove?  Also, those filters at Lowes etc are "nominal" rated.
That means the 5 micron is a statistical average particle size removed - in
practice many particles larger than 5 microns will likely get through (which
is just fine for your house water but not too cool if you are filtering an
injectable drug let's say).  There are more expensive and "absolute" filters
but again why?  I could perhaps see using one for a short time at start up
(like the recent messages about cloudy water from turface/soilmaster) but
long term, I don't see why you would need it.  I think there are better ways
to deal with an algae bloom also - tight filter would be my lst choice.


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> The water filter can take a 20 micron pleated cartridge similiar to the
ones that's used for Magnum, Lifeguard, and Ocean Clear. I wouldn't think
that would clog as fast as the 5 micron cartridge and certainly not as fast
as the 5 micron cartridges or the 2 micron carbon cartridge.

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