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Re: [APD] Tools for the vertically challenged


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Date: Sat, 31 Dec 2005 17:13:00 -0800 (PST)
From: Thomas Barr <tcbiii at yahoo_com>
Subject: Re: [APD] Short folks and deep tanks
To: aquatic-plants at actwin_com

For getting to the bottom of the tank:

   I use tweezers on any sized tank, they are great for getting at 
things without messing the display up. I use a 12" , 18" and a 24" pair, 
the ones from AAG are top notch, better than some places, they have 
excellent scissors also, the 12" striaght and then the curved modelas 
are excellent.

   After you get them and use them for awhile, you'll love them.

   For 2ft or deeper tanks, the 24" models are great.
   The models sold from AAG are not flimsy either.
   They have supposedly an 18" scissor model which are about as long as 
you will get.

   I have not tried it but the 12" two models are nice and good for what 
I need.
   ADA makes some also, but they are more pricey, but they have the 
angled models which I like.

   But for most folks, the 24", 12" and the curves scissors(straights 
also if you plan on doing a fair amount of trim work) are good.

   They are not a waste of $ IME, IMO. SFBAAPS has seen me use them 

   Tom Barr



I have these same 3 tools: 24" tweezers, 12" straight and 12" curved 
scissors.  I absolutely love them and would not dream of working on a 
tank without them.  I reground the tips of the tweevers so they are 
about 3/16" wide and they are even more useful;)    I would like the 18" 
scissors for the occaasions when I need to trim an anubias leaf(or 
something similar) near the substrate of deep aquariums.  I think the 
last tool I really wouldwant or need is a 5-6" curved end scissor for 
that really detailed shaping in tight places. I use my reground 24" 
tweezers to plant everything from thick stems of E stellata and Ludwigia 
Cuba, to glosso plantlets to H callithictroides patches.  I don't feel I 
have any control issues or difficulity due to the tools heft (I am used 
to using hand tools and have good manual dexterity so that may help...I 
am also 6'2" so its not like the tools are really huge to me)

As for the quality of the tools from AZ Gardens, I have had some for 2 
years and they are as good as they day I got them. I use them very 
frequently, both on my 4 setups and I also take them with me to NEAPS 
functions, LFS's and to the various friend's and relative's houses whose 
tanks I "watch".

Dennis Dietz

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