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Re: [APD] Attention Short People

Hi Beth,

I am vertically challenged also. :) I'm 5'4". I have a tall 37 gallon 
tank. I can't reach the bottom of it without a stepstool.

I have a Marina Multi-Tool which is made by Hagen. I bought it at 
PetsMart. It is about 2 foot long and has two different tool ends that 
you can interchange. One is grabber/planter and the other a cutter. It 
folds up for storage. I absolutely love it. I even use it in my shorter 
tanks. It gets the roots down into the substrate with less disturbance 
to the substrate and to the fish. Also I can look through the side of  
the tank and see what I am cutting when I am trimming instead going by 
feel. If you google for Hagen Multi-Tool you will find several online 
places that carry it. It retails for about $13 in the US.

Roberta in Arizona
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