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Re: [APD] Attention Short People

But first I'd recommend a taller, stable and sturdy stool or, better, a step ladder -- so that reaching around in the aquarium is as unencumbered as possible. This also makes it less likely that you'll you have an accident. The tools can extend your reach somewhat, but some things can only be done well with your hands or your hands and small tweezers. With larger tweezers or forceps, it can be difficult to plant sometimes.
I haven't had any probs with AZ Gardens and have ordered form them more than once. They have (or at least had--I haven't checked lately) a very nice pair of  18" scissors.
I'd suggest buying tools one at a time rather than in sets. Get ones for which you know you have a specific need rather than expect that all will be useful for your own particular style of gardening.
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I just set up a 90 gallon partially planted tank.  I have to use a stool
every time I open up the canopy and glass top.  I tried to plant some plants
but couldn't reach the bottom so I had to ask my husband for assistance.  I
drive him nuts whenever I tell him I want a plant moved.

Since this is really my tank, I want to be totally independent and be able
to do all maintenance and planting on my own.  Whenever I ask someone about
purchasing aquatic gardening tools, they say it's a waste of money.  Of
course, they are taller than me (I'm 5'3").  

Arizona Aquatic Gardens has very nice tools but expensive.  Would you
recommend them anyway for me or what else would you recommend?

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