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[APD] Python issues

I believe Eli Moss wrote this email section below:
> Great, maybe I'll look into purchasing one of these gizmos.  How, exactly,
> do Pythons work?  How is water waste an issue?

Imagine a T piece on its side.

  <--  to tank   b----|
                down plug hole

Water from a goes to c and therefore creates a vacuum in b and so drawing 
water from your tank. The water from a to c is therefore wasted.

A little twist of c and the water from a goes into b

The only issue I had with my python is that the 'a' end needs an external 
thread on your sink tap pipe. They supply various plastic thread adaptors to 
secure the python to your tap pipe.

Failing that, they do supply a rubber grip with a metal P-clip which can be 
used to grip around your tap pipe but it's the worse type of metal p-clip.
It *requires* a screwdriver to tighten or loosen it!

Quite why they couldn't have fitted one with a butterfly type grip so you 
can just your fingers is beyond me.

The first rubber grip I got was split and I had to asked for a replacement.
It doesn't look like it will last long...

The other issue I have is that my kitchen sink doesn't empty all that fast. 
So if I turn up the water tap pressure too high the amount of water from the 
tank and from the tap starts to fill the sink up and I get a overflow!

Oddly enough, the first time I used it, one of my large Mollies died of 
shock. It never happened again, still it happened.
Perhaps it was the shock of this strange large object in the tank?

Stuart Halliday
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