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Re: [APD] just out of curiosity

I believe Eli Moss wrote this email section below:
> So everyone seems to use Pythons to fill directly from the tap.  What about
> chlorine?  Do you add chlorine removers to the tank first, or afterward?  I
> usually stir it into my apparently outmoded pail before pumping it into the
> aquarium, which isn't too doable with a hose.  Maybe I'll upgrade to a
> Python.

I have a 200L tank. I use a Python to fill and empty 40% each time.

When it comes to filling the tank I pour in a de-chlorine and de-chloramine 
agent (like AmQuel+ by Kordon or Prime by Seachem) to the amount suitable 
for a 200L tank + 5L external filter.

I pour the chemical at the place the Python hose is in the tank, then I fill 
the tank.

Works for me.


Stuart Halliday
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