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Re: [APD] adding whirlpool prefilteration unit to the return line fromsump

I use one on the house water supply, our well pump delivers a lot of
sediment.  Problem with this for an aquarium is that the filters are pretty
"tight" compared to an aquarium filter.  I use a nominal 5 micron spun
filter for the house water.  That would probably clog up pretty fast with
aquarium water?  I tried this once a long time ago on my fish pond when it
had a full algae bloom - it clogged in about 5 minutes.  Filters like this
clog easily when the particles are "slimy" like algae and other biological
thingies (that's a technical term you know....haha).

Do you have something in your water that you are trying to get out?

Happy New Year.


> Has anyone played around with adding a whirlpool whole house
prefilteration unit (or any other similar unit) to an aquarium, rather than
the attaching it to the house's main water line?  I'm thinking about adding
it to the return line from my wet-dry - which will be a max of 350 gph. Any
thoughts or experiences, please share!

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