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Re: [APD] Dosing and public water

S. Hieber wrote:
> You would want a pump that could sustain about 30 -60 psi. Most aquarium pumps only sustain a few psi -- they're designed for volume rather than pressure.

Those cost over $100. I had thought about pumping it up into the attic 
and letting gravity do all the work, but I don't know if I'm that ambitious.

> Also, by using an electric pump to drain a tank instead of a venturi faucet pump like a Python, one conserves the tremendous amount of water required to operate the venturi.

I always use a siphon to drain. Unless you are in the basement, I see no 
reason not to.

> As for bathing. Add up all the soaps, detergent, shampoo etc. that you've bought in the last year. Virtually all of it went down the drain. It's easier (on everyone) if one is conservative about the amount of "soaps" one uses rather than the frequency of baths ;-) Does that load of laundry really need a whole cup of detergent? Does your hair need to be lathered rinsed and repeated? Almost always the answer is no, half will do a better job and leave less residue after rinsing.

Ya. My current bottle of shampoo is about to give out after two years (I 
have a shaved head). Bar soap lasts about two months per bar. I do like 
to use peppermint castile soap from Trader Joe's (a local, unique store) 
though. For laundry, I have noticed that very small amounts of detergent 
actually work fine. I think a lot of people mistake a strong smell of 
detergent for cleanliness. Try seeing how little you can use and still 
have clean clothes. I find that I can go as low as about 1/4 cup on 
small loads.

Jerry Baker
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