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[APD] ALA Chairman invades PA

I hope that subject got everybody's attention.

I just wanted let everyone in this group know that those of us in Lancaster,
PA are fortunate enough to have Rit Forcier, Chairman of the ALA (American
Livebearers Assoc.), coming to our Club to speak on Tuesday January 17th.  I
also have heard that Tom Crane, ALA SMP Chairman, may be coming with him!
This is a real coup for us!  I hope that anyone who is in the area will
consider joining us that evening for a great program on livebearers. If you
have never seen Rit's program, it is well worth the time and travel. If you
would like more details and directions please contact me either via email or
my phone.  Hope to see you there!

Kurt Johnston
kaj41354 at suscom_net
Program V.P.
Aquarium Club of Lancaster County

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