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Re: [APD] Dosing and public water

Yes but the average household dumps many many times more ounces of soap, detergent, etc. every day. If one wants to ease the burden on the sewer plant and the local water bodies, one can consider trimming down in those areas.
Watering the lawn is a great way to get secondary use form the water before it returns to the environment.

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Sean Flanagan wrote:
> 1)     If the solution to the problem of algae is to adjust the water so
> that there is an overabundance of fertilizer, then why are we encouraged not
> to allow fertilizer to get into lakes and streams?

Because we are not also injecting CO2 and providing 10 - 12 hour 
photoperiods everywhere.

> 2)     I know that this is probably minor, but if we change the water say
> once a week, are we dumping ferts into the sewage system that may not be
> good for it?

Yes. Dump it into the lawn. At least it will eat some of it.

Jerry Baker
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