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Re: [APD] clown loach versus apple snail

i have a clown loach in my 25g he is about 1.5" and has never touched a
snail that i can tell my tank is almost over run with pondsnails and i never
feed the loach so he must eat a few snails but i never find shells anywhere
in my tank and i have alot of snails,
i used to collect them and feed them to my friends "blue Lobster".

i have angel fish in my tank as well, they are a breeding pair and have laid
eggs twice, when they are sitting on eggs they get aggressive and killed a
few endler guppies and one smaller female got thrown right out of the tank.

i have neons but they are all on the large size as the smaller ones got
eaten right away, i had 5 cardenals but only 3 are left and fast outgrowing
the angels mouths.
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