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Re: [APD] help

Howard Morse wrote:

> How do I get my reply to indicate the "S. Hieber wrote:  etc. that is
> shown in the message portion above? I have looked under all the options I
> can find in my Outlook Express menus and help file.
> Thanks in advance for your help.

Outlook express is provided free with Windows and a lot of people use it. 
This doesn't mean it is any good however. In fact it breaks so many email 
standards it's a joke among us IT engineers.

These days it's also dangerous to use as so many viruses and spyware
programs use its gaping security holes to infect your computer.

You're much, much better to use a decent, free, easy to use, email program
like Thunderbird.
Thunderbird does this "S. Hieber wrote: " line as it's a standard part of 
netiquette. Something Microsoft doesn't appear to believe in.


Stuart Halliday
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