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Re: [APD] co2 bottle compatibility

In my opinion no one should try this.  Your article even says to close 
the needle valve all the way, while CO2 is flowing thru it.  When you 
do that the pressure quickly builds up at the needle valve to tank 
pressure, so you really, really need a needle valve made to withstand 
that pressure.   Also, cheap needle valves can go from barely open, 
where you get the low flow we need, to virtually closed just from 
temperature changes, vibration, etc., again subjecting the valve to 
full tank pressure.  We should wait until we can afford properly 
designed valves, etc. before we try CO2 injection.

Vaughn H.

On Wednesday, December 28, 2005, at 12:59 PM, Derek Parr wrote:

>   I wrote an article some time ago on my tinkerings with using a
> paintball cylinder..  its here:
> http://www.derekparr.com/minico2/
> keep in mind though, as many people here have mentioned to me, that
> there there is a fair amount of potential danger involved.   Some 
> people
> have died in the past from painball cylinder joints coming lose or 
> such.
> -derek

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