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[APD] Give up

I had the same problem. Tried almost everything. Then by accident, I put in 
about 60 Rosy Barbs or more and within a week, every bit of visible algae 
was gone except for green algae on the glass sides and on some of the older 
leaves of Java ferns. After 2 months it is still as good.

The Rosy Barbs were offsprings from two adult pairs that I put outdoors in 
a tub with lots of plants. Having nowhere to put them in winter, the only 
place was my 90 gal.  Try it.

Tank parameters:
50/50 Flourite/sand, temp at 68F, pH 7.0 controlled with CO2, 260 watts CF 
light (6700 K) on for 8 hrs./day. 40-50% water change every 2-3 weeks. I 
use well water. Rarely fertilize. Don't over feed my fish. The Barbs will 
peck on a few tender plants, but that's a very small price to pay. Hope it 
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