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Re: [APD] BGA outbreak

Ah, a masochist!  Bring out the whips!
Another post today may be good for your problem too.  Try this one: 
I am getting a strong feeling that DIY CO2 will always end up causing 
algae problems, just because it is so difficult to hold a consistent 
concentration of CO2 in the water.  I used it for  few years and had 
periodic problems with algae, but I also did just about everything else 
wrong too, so I'm not sure what part the CO2 played in my problems.  If 
you can afford the one time investment, a pressurized CO2 system is by 
far the easiest way to go and costs no more in the long run.   I'm 
getting hopeful that mine will lead me to a nearly algaeless tank.

Vaughn H.

On Monday, December 26, 2005, at 03:42 PM, Sean Flanagan wrote:

> NO2:     <20ppm and 0  (2 separate tests)
> NO3:     0ppm
> GH:      150ppm
> KH:       120-180ppm
> Hardness:         120ppm  (I'm not sure which this measures, KH or GH)
> pH:       7.2-7.6, 7.6-7.8, 7.2-7.8  (The first reading is from a 
> liquid
> test kit)
> Light:    Fluorescents, 30W over a 20gallon tank = 1.5 W/gal
> I'm pretty sure that I'm missing nutrients, so I've ordered 1lb of 
> Potassium
> Phosphate and 1lb of Potassium Nitrate from Greg Watson (thanks 
> Greg!).  It
> won't be here for a week or so, but I'm looking for some reassurance 
> that
> I'm not wasting my time with the nutrients.
> Any advice, chastisement, or outright abuse will be welcomed :-)

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