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Re: [APD] Sudden Thread Algae Outbreak

I can only say that my experience is that it probably will.  My 29 
gallon tank went a couple of weeks with no CO2, and low ferts being 
added.  I got lots of brown hair algae or beard algae.  I pulled a lot 
of it out, added CO2, which per the chart is 75 ppm ( I don't believe 
that since the fish are fine.), and upped the ferts I was adding.  The 
algae is almost all gone now.  And, I know that Tom Barr swears by 
using adequate ferts plus CO2 to stop algae.  He also found that pretty 
high levels of ferts do not harm the fish or plants.  So, why not try?

Vaughn H.

On Monday, December 26, 2005, at 11:51 AM, Gordon and Susan Watkins 

>     My KH and GH are both 9. I inject with a controller and CO2 bottle.
> So if I start by doubling my N and P additions to start in conjuction
> with continued testing to reach the levels you suggest should the algae
> disappear?
> Thanks,
>     Gordon

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