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Re: [APD] Sudden Thread Algae Outbreak

Yes, it's counter-intuitive, at least for an ex-reefer like me , but 
I'll give it a try and let y'all know how it works out.


Jerry Baker wrote:

>Vaughn Hopkins wrote:
>>Gordon, it looks to me like you are under fertilizing, and your CO2 
>>isn't high enough.  You didn't give us your KH reading, so the CO2 ppm 
>>isn't given.  You have a very high light tank, so you need to provide  
>>high nutrients too.  You need about 10-20 ppm nitrates, 1-2 ppm 
>>phosphates, 30+ppm CO2, traces, adequate calcium and magnesium, etc.  
>That was the hardest thing for me. It's surprising how strongly your 
>mind will resist the idea of *adding* nitrates and phosphates - things 
>you have been told to get rid of for years. After I finally decided it 
>couldn't do anything worse than increase the size of the algae, I tried 
>it. Then the algae went away.
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