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Re: [APD] Sudden Thread Algae Outbreak

    My KH and GH are both 9. I inject with a controller and CO2 bottle. 
So if I start by doubling my N and P additions to start in conjuction 
with continued testing to reach the levels you suggest should the algae 


Vaughn Hopkins wrote:

>Gordon, it looks to me like you are under fertilizing, and your CO2 
>isn't high enough.  You didn't give us your KH reading, so the CO2 ppm 
>isn't given.  You have a very high light tank, so you need to provide  
>high nutrients too.  You need about 10-20 ppm nitrates, 1-2 ppm 
>phosphates, 30+ppm CO2, traces, adequate calcium and magnesium, etc.  
>So, what is your KH, GH and how do you inject the CO2?  (I'm not an 
>expert at this, but I do have a 29 gallon tank too, and I slept at the 
>Holiday Inn last night)(not really).
>Vaughn H.
>On Monday, December 26, 2005, at 07:44 AM, Gordon and Susan Watkins 
>>About 3 weeks after setting up my CO2 system, I've been attacked
>>suddenly by thread algae which is growing as fast as I can remove it. 
>>tank is 29 gal. with a 10 gal sump, 130 watts of pc light, pH around 
>>with CO2, nitrate = .5ppm, phosphate = 0, Flourish Nitrate and
>>Phosphorus at 2 ml 2x/week, 25% water change every 10 days, light fish
>>load, medium plant load. Some plants are growing well - red growth on
>>Rotala indica and Hygrophila diffusum, good growth and pearling on
>>Bacopa monieri, but weak C. wendti and H. corymbosum growth. Is it
>>possible that I'm over fertilizing in spite of test results? Do I need
>>something besides N and P? Any other ideas?
>>    Gordon Watkins
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