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[APD] Sudden Thread Algae Outbreak

About 3 weeks after setting up my CO2 system, I've been attacked  
suddenly by thread algae which is growing as fast as I can remove it. My 
tank is 29 gal. with a 10 gal sump, 130 watts of pc light, pH around 7.1 
with CO2, nitrate = .5ppm, phosphate = 0, Flourish Nitrate and 
Phosphorus at 2 ml 2x/week, 25% water change every 10 days, light fish 
load, medium plant load. Some plants are growing well - red growth on 
Rotala indica and Hygrophila diffusum, good growth and pearling on 
Bacopa monieri, but weak C. wendti and H. corymbosum growth. Is it 
possible that I'm over fertilizing in spite of test results? Do I need 
something besides N and P? Any other ideas?

    Gordon Watkins
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