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[APD] I give up

The BBA has won. I've tried everything short of CO2 which I don't have time
or money to tinker with. I have 5 low tech tanks and 4 are great. My 55 gal
somehow got the dreaded BBA. I took out all the fish/snails and used 4 oz of
Copper Safe (much more than 0.5ppm). Some BBA died on the side of the tank
but on the rocks, plants and tubes it's still going strong. Should I try
this again or go straight to bleach. I ordered 50# of the soilmaster select
in charcoal to redo my substrate and want to make sure I don't have to do
this ever again. My question is can I add enough bleach to the tank to make
it 1:19 ratio and sterilize rocks, filter and glass simultaneously? If so,
how long does it need to circulate to kill the stuff? Would a stronger
concentration be better? Any thoughts appreciated, I've been lucky and never
had to deal with this before. 
Happy Holidays to all,
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