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Re: [APD] carbo plus units and kh

The chart is very interesting, but unless someone does some  
calculations, we don't know if that parameter listed for permeability  
means much.  In other words, a reading of 10,000 might be very bad,  
wasting half of the CO2, or it might mean an increase of 1% in CO2  
usage.  Back when I was working, this type of calculation would be a  
piece of cake for me, but today it is more like a granite boulder - I  
try not to chew those.  Who wants to do the calculation and put this  
into context?

Vaughn H.

On Sunday, December 25, 2005, at 08:27 AM, Rex Grigg wrote:
Rex Grigg wrote:
> Refer to this chart.  Then decide what normal airline tubing is.
> http://www.coleparmer.com/techinfo/ 
> techinfo.asp?openlist=D,E,C&htmlfile=SelectingTubing%2Ehtm&Title=Search
> Silicone is about the worst you can use.  Vinyl is good but breaks down
> quickly.
> I use Polyurethane.

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