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Re: [APD] ADA soils

Hi Liz,
  I think many folks have these same notions.
  Many are in that same boat. Most know I am fairly critical of things and if they do not work, I generally don't like suggesting them. Most things have trade offs, but overall, the soils and tanks from ADA overcome most of the trade offs well.
  1. I wanted to see if the cost was good relative to Flourite. I find that it is.
  2. I wanted to see how critical the powersand is, it is not and is ugly when pulled up when replanting.
  3. I wanted to see if ADA's line of ferts are better/worse/the same as KNO3, CaSO4, Traces etc,they are not(actually worse). I recently did a growth study using Ludwigia in a nutrient rich media, good organic soils(3 different types) and the relative growth rate(RGR,s) where lower in the soils, a little bit.
  But the root growth rates where much lower in the nutrient rich media than in the 3 soils. Why invest nutrients into the root's growth if you don't have too?
  This is predictable and also well supported in both phytometer experiments like the one above and submersed plants grown in nutrient rich streams as well as our own tanks.  
  4. Which products are useful and worth the $$. There are few product lines available that have all useful, practical products, some are good, some are not.
  The soils and the tanks (oddly) seem to be the better deals for most hobbyists that frequent the forums and list.
  Few would buy "moss cotton" or the "fern wood ties" or the gravel leveler, or the 100$ tweezers, but anything in a bottle with some fuzzy words provokes shock and awe. Plants grow for very defineable reasons. People always seem to forget this, even well experienced hobbyists.
  1 bag of 9 liters will go a long way also, so you could do a couple of 10's and a nano for 28$ or so. Not bad.
  Even if you need to replace once every 2 years: cost is still only 14$ a year. Might even provoke you to make a new aquascape which you needed an excuse to do anyway:) Folks know how to grow, now they can go scape!
  Tom Barr
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Date: Wed, 21 Dec 2005 07:54:17 -0800
From: Liz Wilhite 
Subject: Re: [APD] ADA soils, Power sand and Water column fertilizing
To: aquatic plants digest 

Thanks for the info, Tom. I've liked the look of ADA soils in pictures, and
have been debating setting up a nanotank with one. I haen't had *any* faith
in the ADA products because of the snake oil Penac and the fact that
Powersand is usually described as "having Power in it".


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