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[APD] Fw: good algae control

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>From: David H Soh <dsoh at iastate_edu>
>Sent: Dec 19, 2005 10:10 AM
>To: aquatic-plants-owner at actwin_com
>Subject: good algae control
>Just want to let you know that I have found a good algae control method 
>without much effort. Believe me, I have tried almost everything including 
>chemicals, bleach, algae eating shrimps, etc,etc and almost to the point of 
>pulling my hair.
>Just by accident, I put in about 60  or more Rosy Barbs ( ffsprings from 
>two adult pairs over the Summer in an outdoor tub), because I have nowhere 
>to put them during the winter. And in about a week, they took care of all 
>my thread and brush algae !!. After 2 months, it is still algae free. And I 
>put my fish on a minimum diet of fish flakes.
>Tank parameters:
>90 gallons, using well water, CO2 injection to control pH at 7.0. 
>Temperature at 68F. Lighting from Coralife Aqualight with 260 watts 6700K 
>CFs on for 8 hrs/ day. Using 50/50 mix of Flourite and sand. I do 50% water 
>on average of every two to three weeks. Rarely use any fertilizers, 
>sparingly if I do. The fish do feed minimally on some of the tender plants, 
>but this is a very small price to pay.Hope it helps those who have algae 

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