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Re: [APD] living water vital vs Carbonator -- or - The Weiss Stuff

Yes, that link you found points to the stuff folks are talking about as the "Carbonator." Nope, it doesn't sound like Excel except to the extent that it claims to promote plant growth in some way that involves carbon. 
It sounds like something that, to use the website's word, "buffers" carbonates to produce CO2. Although it's not clear if this is done directly by the citric acid in the bottle (acids "buffer" carbonates do they not) or by promoting some biological mechanism (bacterial?) that is supposedly promoted by the presence of the Weiss stuff. I would have thought the citric acid was there as a mild preservative, but who knows?
I would like to put an end to the rumors that the diff bottles of Weiss products all list the very same ingredients. Some of them list somewhat different ingredients.
Scott H., whose old Uncle Lionel used to say, "If you can get it in a bottle, someone will pay good money for it."

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>living water vital vs Carbonator [...] There is a bi difference
between these two.  One is like Excel and the other, I have no clue
what it does, but it does not help plants, nor a tank , nor did
anything the claims stated.

Tom.  Where did you find out about the "Carbonator" and "Living Water
Vital"?  I can not find either products on Marc Weiss' website:

The only product I find is called "Natural Aquarium Vital".


One, the name sounds like "Living Water Vital".  Two, the description
says: "The CARBONATOR for the freshwater aquarium".  Either cases, it
doesn't sound anything like Excel.
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