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Re: [APD] high PO4

High PO4
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Date: Sun, 18 Dec 2005 17:04:27 -0800
From: "David Gruver" 
Subject: [APD] High phosphate levels
To: aquatic-plants at actwin_com

I have a 140 gallon tank with various plants. This is a discus tank. The 
light level is 4 watts per gallon, and I use 1 Carbo Plus for CO2"
  There is absolutle NO WAY the Carbo plus can handle this size tank, even 2 of them full power will not do it.
  You are lacking CO2, plain and simple.
  CO2 related issues are about 90-95% of any and all algae issues folks have.
  ". I 
fertilize with Kent Freshwater plant liquid fertilizer and plant tabs in the 
gravel. Several years ago the plants did well and were growing at a fast 
rate. Now most of the plants are dying and algae is growing in the gravel 
and around the plant roots. I plan to tear most of the plants out and plant 
new ones. I have a uv light which kills the floating algae and keeps the 
water very clear."
  You need CO2 mainly.
  " The phosphate level is very high at over 10 ppm. I 
started changing 20% of the water every week with filtered water that has no 
phosphates. I have been using the filtered water for 2 months now. The 
phosphate level is still as high as it was when I started using the filtered 
water. I have an old log in the aquarium that I found in a stream. I'm 
wondering if the high phosphates could be from the log, the gravel, the 
fertilizer, or none of the above.
David Gruver"
  What is the tap water's KH and GH?
  Filtering the water to remove PO4 is wrong for a planted tank is every case. They seldom add more than 1-2ppm of PO to tap water...which is the ideal range for plants.

You should do more water changes for the discus anyway. Tank will look better, plants will look better and it'll be nicer looking an dless headache.
  If the tap's KH is less than say 6 or so, you can use the tap and still bred the fish and have ice plants etc.Stop worrying about PO4. It's NOT the issue.
  Tom Barr

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