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Re: [APD] Natural Aquarium Vital -- or - Wonder products and herpetologic lubricity

Yes. There's stuff in the archives about this and other such products under this brand. I have heard some folks ponder whether there is any diff in the various bottles of products sold under this brand.
Mentioning the brand at a fish or aquatic plant convention seems sure to elicit some unabashed remarks. 
I have never heard any claims that one of these products was harmful. I've never heard a reason why it would be beneficial, aside from the incredible claims of the manufacturer. Maybe I don't get around much. 
Here's one APD thread with some unabashed comments:

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Hello, A friend of mine was thinking of getting a bottle or two of Natural 
Aquarium Vital to use for CO2.  I went to the archives, but for some 
reason the message that stated its apparent uselessness was not 
recorded for posterity.  Could someone enlighten me?  Thanks, Ray 
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