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Re: [APD] pesky mist problems

I am misting my tank with the bubbles up the powerhead method too  but I
just stuck the hose from the co2 tank into the bottom of my powerhead - no
air stone.   No cats, birds, or small children missing yet.    I have a some
green string algae in there.....I am waiting for it to disappear too.  So
machete huh?  Wonder if that will fit in my Christmas Sock.

Terry ;-)

>  Some rotala uncoiled it's
> stems and snagged the cat last night, and the poor thing was on the other
> side of the living room from the aquarium!  I pulled out the machete this
> morning, a week early, and heard evil laughter coming out the tank.  I
> I need a bigger machete.
> Liz

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