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[APD] High phosphate levels

I have a 140 gallon tank with various plants.  This is a discus tank.  The 
light level is 4 watts per gallon, and I use 1 Carbo Plus for CO2. I 
fertilize with Kent Freshwater plant liquid fertilizer and plant tabs in the 
gravel.  Several years ago the plants did well and were growing at a fast 
rate.  Now most of the plants are dying and algae is growing in the gravel 
and around the plant roots. I plan to tear most of the plants out and plant 
new ones.  I have a uv light which kills the floating algae and keeps the 
water very clear.  The phosphate level is very high at over 10 ppm.  I 
started changing 20% of the water every week with filtered water that has no 
phosphates. I have been using the filtered water for 2 months now. The 
phosphate level is still as high as it was when I started using the filtered 
water.  I have an old log in the aquarium that I found in a stream.  I'm 
wondering if the high phosphates could be from the log, the gravel, the 
fertilizer, or none of the above.
David Gruver

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