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[APD] pesky mist problems

Every couple of weeks I grab a machete and hack back the forest in the CO2
tank.  It's a routine we all do.  This has now changed.

I read about the d*mn*d mist until I decided to give it a shot.  Have a
PowerMax powerhead, a tube from an undergravel filter fitted onto it and a
short Rena stone bubbling into the tube.  Seemed like too much work to
"build" anything.  Been running for about a week now, pumping ultrafine
bubbles into the tank.

I don't think I like it.  Yeah, that little bit of BBA that was on a couple
of rocks is gone.  But the growth rate is absurd!  Some rotala uncoiled it's
stems and snagged the cat last night, and the poor thing was on the other
side of the living room from the aquarium!  I pulled out the machete this
morning, a week early, and heard evil laughter coming out the tank.  I think
I need a bigger machete.

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