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Re: [APD] breeding fish in sterile environments

Hi guys:
Maybe I'm not the usual list member, but when I open an e-mail and just see  
15 posts on all the same topic (on something I'm not interested in reading  
about, such as RO effects on some obscure (to me) water parameter), I don't  
bother to read any of them.  I probably miss a lot of good information that  way, 
but I have  a rather tight schedule right now.  As soon as I saw  this 
thread, it got me interested. It would really be nice for folks like me to  know by 
the subject line what is being discussed, instead of having the actual  
message bear absolutely no relationship to the subject line.  I would have  titled 
my message as "breeding fish outside their preferred pH range", for  example. 
Anyway, back to my topic, - what I wanted to relay on this topic is  that I 
have read many accounts of such things being done, as the fish species  becomes 
more adapted to different environments, becoming easier to breed than  
wild-caughts.  A friend of mine also has discus which bred in his  water which is pH 
7.6.  It was a community tank, and I believe the wigglers  were picked off 
the adults by other fish in the tank (some Africans).  I  myself, know that acid 
loving fish spawn in my pH 7.8 water, because of seeing  youngsters appear in 
the tanks.  So far I have had the  following partly grown youngsters 
mysteriously appear in community  tanks when they were big enough to swim out with the 
adults, - Beckford pencils,  lemon tetras, diamond tetras, threadfin 
rainbows, rosy barbs, and Odessa  barbs.  Some of these were acid loving fish.
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