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Re: [APD] CO2 and PH Control

Jerry wrote:
If you are talking about ammonia, that's not pH in itself anymore. It's
pH and ammonia. I don't think there is any controversy about the
toxicity of ammonia.

I agree. No debate about ammonia toxicity. The pH of an aquarium may not be
a big factor when all is well and good, but you can see the issue if you
have an emergency and your ammonia spikes. Then the pH level in your tank
becomes something to be very aware of. Say my tank is mid 7s normally and I
have a fish die and rot. I don't notice right away and the ammonia level
goes way up: What do I do? Get the corpse out of there and do a water
change, right? But in the meantime while I drain and fill the fish are still
in there suffering. Before the water change I'd also throw in some acid
buffer to lower the pH so the amount of NH3 would reduce and hopefully
reduce the suffering of the fish during the 5-45 minutes it would tank to do
the water change.

The effect of pH on a factor such as ammonia toxicity makes pH something to
be aware of. I have only stated that it should not be trivialized. If
needed, this knowledge could keep fish from dying.


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