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Re: [APD] CO2 and PH Control

Bill wrote:
I regularly move fish between higher pH tanks (7.6 to 8.0) and lower ones
(6.5 or so).  I've never seen a problem.  The fish live long, apparently
happy lives.

But the aquariums involved are well planted.  I've never had an ammonia
problem; I've never even tested for it

Sounds like you may not have ever had a significant ammonia spike in your
tank(s). Regular tank maintenance and observation prevent this. If there are
no sources for lethal amounts of ammonia in your tank your fish will not
experience ammonia poisoning.

The GH in these tanks differs by up to 8 degrees GH.

That's a whole other subject.

Perhaps someone could conduct an experiment of the effect on fish of larger
pH changes, controlling for water hardness and ammonia/ammonium?  Then we
wouldn't have to speculate.

There is no need to speculate on this subject regarding pH. Do a google
search under "pH and ammonia toxicity in fish." You will find studies on the
subject with published exposure times at lethal doses, etc. This is a big
issue for the fish farming industry if you research the subject.

As I stated before, knowing the relationship between NH3, NH4+ and pH , and
also temperature is part of a knowledge base for any aquarist that will let
them help their fish in an emergency. To state on an internet board that pH
"has no significance in itself" and "GH and KH matter to fish, pH does not"
is spreading misinformation.


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