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Re: [APD] CO2 and pH control

Okay,  How's this:  I know a hobbyist who breeds discus regularly and ships
them out across the US.  He does this in a planted tank with a pH that runs
about 7.8.  No, I'm not the breeder, but I was very strongly affected by how
he keeps fish because he breaks pH and GH rules and the fish don't seem to
mind at all. I'd rather not pay for or go to the hassle of using a RO or DI
water system.  He is the person who sold me my first "adult" tank, and he'd
have easily been able to make money by selling one of those system.

Whether he's a hobbyist or a Thailand mass producer of fish, the fact
remains that he's breeding a fish that is supposedly extremely sensitive to
pH outside the range and the environment where the fish are supposed to be
kept. I keep New Guinea rainbows in an acidic tank and they lay eggs on a
daily basis, much to the delight of 6 very fat cardinal tetras who eat
nothing but eggs.

I'm not saying pH has no meaning, but I am saying that it is only one factor
and not always a critical factor in aquarium success.

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