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Re: [APD] CO2 and trickle filters

Thanks for the advice, Tom. Been there and done all that and more to the extent practical and even, I'm sure many would conclude, to extents impractical and possilby downright obsessive. I am reasonably confident about what things one can do with sumps to make them more or less adverse on CO2 consumption -- I mentioned the key areas previously. Sealing the sump chamber or "trickle tower" is not especially effective compared to some other things one can do. I belive one first needs to seal the overflow chamber -- this is where most of the CO2 is knocked out of the water. The notion that sumps are relatively ineffectual at accelerating CO2 loss only holds when compared to moderately high loss situations. I once thought otherwise. This has been my experience and the experience of others, which is not to say that some have not expereinced not increased use of CO2 going from one set up to another.

I don't want this to be one of those threads that goes on and on and on and on, but I'll say this much. I'll leave the sump on the 150g for some time longer, until I feel that I've learned as much as I am going to learn from it, then I'll replace it with a canister set up. Considering the advantages and disadvantages to sumps and canisters, I prefer canisters for my aquaria. I expect other folks might have have diff preferences. However, if I ever set up the fast current terrarium (someday someday) I'll probably use a sump system for that.
Scott H.

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  Here is a very simple idea.
  Seal the wet/dry tower . . .if no CO2/O2 can exchange from the outside, then it will not degas.
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