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One factor might be that the efficiency declines as you
overdrive so doubling the power won't yield a doubling in
light output.

Some ballasts can limit current even if you try to
overdrive them and that could be coming into play also.


--- "Joshua L. Wiegert" <JLW at dune_net> wrote:

> Okay, I've got four overdriven 40W lamps on a 55-gallon,
> and finally got 
> around to setting it all up.  I hate to say this, but it
> looks like a lot of 
> trouble for not much. :)  The lamps get warmer,
> definitely: but I don't see 
> a lot of difference between 4x40 OD and 4x40 standard.  I
> shut it down to 
> one bulb, and compared to a standard one I have -- cast
> it at the ceiling 
> from the floor, and both looked about the same.  I even
> tried the 
> ink-through paper test (take several sheets of thick,
> white paper, and write 
> something on the bottom one.  Hold it over a lamp, and
> lift it until you can 
> no longer see what is written on the bottom sheet. 
> Measure the distance.) 
> The difference between teh ODNO and the standard was
> marginal, and may very 
> well have been more due to the fact that the standard
> bulb was older and had 
> some water marking on it.
> Have I stumbled onto some sort of smart ballasts that
> know how many bulbs 
> are on them, and aren't cooperating? :)  These bulbs
> should be twice as 
> bright as a standard flourescent, right?   So far, all
> I've managed to do is 
> find a way to use a flourescent as a heater -- they get
> much warmer.  Did I 
> wire something wrong, or am I just not able to perceive
> the difference in 
> light output?
> JW
> Who probalby should have just bought the cheap PC dealy.
> :)
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