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Re: [APD] CO2 and pH control

Gordon wrote:
You mentioned you like to keep your pH around 6.5-6.6 . Have you found
that an optimum level?

I cannot say it is an "optimum" level. I guess I was conditioned from all
the reading I did before getting into planted tanks that "slightly acidic"
water is best for planted tanks. To me mid 6s for pH has a bit of cushion
from hovering at almost 7. I also think my Discus keeping keeps me at a
lower than 7 preference as well. Really just choice.

The other reason I like a pH of 6.5-6.6 is that you can keep the KH lower. I
have been playing with a higher than usual KH for my tank (8-9) just to see
how my CO2 injection setup is working. If 30 mg/liter of CO2 is good for our
tanks, per the Krib Table (KH/pH/dissolved CO2). A lower KH is more
approximate of soft water plant species normal levels, I believe. A KH of 4
and a pH of 6.6 gives you 30 mg/liter dissolved CO2. I like the idea of
pumping more CO2 in to maintain that level vs. maintaining a higher KH and
putting less CO2 into the system. It just seems that  slightly acidic, lower
KH water approximates the water the plants and fish I keep come from.

Now I'll check out your suggestion on the Dupla diffusor. By the way,
what's your opinion on the use of CO2 resistant air line? I'm using it
now but will have to buy more to reach from my basement to the tank. And
yes, I do have a good quality CO2 resistant check valve to protect my

I've never used it. I use all silicone tubing bought from PetSmart or my
LFS. I stay away from the clear vinyl type tubing. I've done some long runs
with it. It may help, but I think most "CO2 resistant" airline is all
silicone. I thought silicone was silicone. Maybe there are "special" types?
I guess I have always thought it was a marketing ploy to get more money for
the same thing. I could be very wrong here. The check valve is, of course, a
great idea. I use Dennerle check valves, but there are several good ones out


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