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[APD] KH with no CO2

I set up a 29 gallon tank a couple of weeks ago, with water sprite, 
Hygrophilia Difformis, microswords, java moss, java fern, some 
ludwigia, etc., but no CO2, because I still haven't received the bottle 
I ordered on ebay.  I have 51 watts of T8 fluorescent tubes, Fluval 104 
filter using a spray bar at one end and an extended inlet at the other 
end.  The plants are mostly growing now, very slowly, but growing.  I 
have been fertilizing using Gregg's chemicals, somewhat less than if I 
had CO2.  And, I changed 50% of the water after a week.  Today I got a 
KH test kit.  The water is less than 1 degree KH hardness, but 13 
degrees GH.  So, I checked the tap water for KH and it is 3 degrees.

Now, my question is:  are the plants growing by utilizing carbonates 
for their carbon, thus depleting it?  And, when I add CO2 will that 
depletion continue, or will the plants just use the CO2?  I am trying 
to slowly bring the tank water to at least 4 degrees KH hardness before 
I get the CO2 going.

Next question:  Assuming the plants will deplete carbonates, what kind 
of schedule of baking soda addition would be appropriate?  I tried 
looking this up, but am just too lazy to stick to it.

Oh, and I just moved in 6 cory cats and 6 silver tip tetras - they will 
have open  house next week and everyone is invited!

Vaughn H.

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